Light and airy, split-level detached house in a slightly elevated, quiet position with sheltered and secluded gardens front and rear providing lovely views across Porth Cressa and to the off-islands. Porth Cressa beach, ideal for swimming, kayaking, sunbathing or watching some of Scilly's fabulous variety of seabirds, is just yards away whilst the Town and Porthmellon beaches are easily accesible too. Restaurants, pubs, shops and the museum are only a short walk away. Hugh Town is the centre for boats to explore all the other islands or to discover St Marys. Catch the the Island Tour bus or hire a bike - the Strand, Town Beach.


The house, for up to six people, consists of two double bedrooms with wash basins and a third bedroom with an adult bunk bed.

Upstairs is the bathroom with bath and shower. 

Downstairs, the kitchen, toilet/washroom and lounge/dining room with TV/DVD player and radio with cd player. BT wireless Fon is available in certain parts of the house and 4G is good througout.


Linen is not provided but duvets are available for which covers and linen can be hired in advance from Scilly Linen at

Tel: 01720 422 082 


There is no charge for electricity.


Dogs: One well behaved dog is welcome by arrangement on the understanding that any 'deposits' in the garden etc are cleaned up for the benefit of other visitors, it is kept off furniture and beds and should not be left alone in the property. Doggy 'stuff' is not provided but can be booked and hired from Rhiannon at Creature Comforts on 07887950987 or


The gardens are large for Scilly and secluded but please note barbeques are not allowed and we would ask you to respect your neighbours who are island residents.


from £350 - £1600 p.w. and for late availability, please check home pages and phone or email for prices


COVID19  RISK ASSESSMENT – Beggars Roost , Isles of Scilly - updated 3rd May 2021

The South-West, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have had a very low incidence of coronavirus compared with the rest of England.  

However, visitors will again be arriving in Scilly. Whilst we assume that no guest would make the journey to Scilly knowing that they were infected, we also know that it is possible to have the virus and not have symptoms; and indeed to have the virus and never display symptoms.  Infection control is thus both difficult and critical.

The Isles of Scilly Council have a dedicated page on the web-site with up-to-date information and advice on the Covid situation in Scilly: see

And there is specific information on Covid testing on Scilly at

Our cleaners have been provided with gloves and disposable aprons. Before you arrive they have been asked to open the windows and wipe down all the surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, the door handles, bannisters and other obvious touch points with disinfectant. They will also make sure that all rubbish is disposed of and the bins inside and outdoors are wiped with disinfectant. The beds will be lightly sprayed with a Dettol disinfectant mist. But there is a limit to what can be done with all the soft furnishings (curtains, cushion covers, settees, carpets etc) or the books and puzzles available, albeit these are all a low risk.

At Beggars Roost we do not supply linen and towels. Guests either order these from Scilly Linen or bring their own. If you have ordered linen please ensure that your used linen is placed in Scilly Linen’s bags for collection on the Saturday when you depart.  Linen provided by Scilly Linen will have been subjected to a 60 degree hot wash.

You will find the house unlocked with the keys in the door or on the dining table. The cleaner will disinfect these between guests.  Ideally, there will be no direct contact between our cleaners and the guests, as guests are invited to arrive after 3pm when the cleaner will have left. Should you have some emergency – plumbing, electrical etc – during your stay there are telephone numbers for the local tradespeople.  Derek, our caretaker, lives close by in Hugh Town. If you need to liaise with someone in the first instance about an emergency you are best to contact him on 07796 564551 or us on 0771 147 9841.

Similarly, in the unlikely event that any of you become ill with coronavirus during your stay, please start by phoning 111.  The telephone number for the local Covid testing service is 01626 204950 or see the website above. Please also inform us on 0771 147 9841. You will need to quarantine at the house.  If you are more seriously ill-disposed then NHS services will care for you as they normally would, including emergency arrangements to evacuate you back to the mainland. However, can we reiterate the advisability of taking out insurance which would cover any period you need to stay on at the property beyond your booked term.  Obviously, we will need to make alternative arrangements for incoming guests and organise a deep clean after you leave.

We have always asked guests to leave the house in the condition in which they find it. This obviously does not mean that we expect you to do a thorough clean before our cleaner arrives! However, we would expect guests to wipe down surfaces as you will have been doing in your own home during lockdown as a precautionary measure against coronavirus.  You will find plentiful supplies of soap, hand sanitiser and disinfectant in the house for handwashing and cleaning.

Infection control is a responsibility we all share, when we share space.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.  We hope that the necessary awareness of the continuing risk will not impinge too greatly on your safe enjoyment of your time in Scilly.

Jill and Al,     May 2021





All of us hold something to be rather special.   We feel Beggar’s Roost is rather special.   It is our ‘second home’, but open to all to share.   We think it is very different from a ‘bog standard’ property bought and equipped for ‘buy to let’ purposes.   It does not claim luxury status or to be the most modern with a 5 star rating.   What it offers is a friendly homely place, private but not isolated, yet central enough for a holiday based on boating, country walking, simple eating out and the minimum of essential shopping.


We first visited Scilly in the 1950s, fell in love with the islands, and promised to have a permanent base on St. Mary’s.   Our first ‘second home’ was in Ram’s Valley in 1970.   A few years later we moved to a 2 bedroom flat in Porthcressa Road and finally found Beggar’s Roost in 1989.


Beggar’s Roost, surrounded by gardens on all four sides, offers views over PorthCressa Bay, with the beach only 100 yards away.   Being in a cul-de-sac serving only 4 properties it has no passing traffic.   If, just before sunset, you climb to the top of the garden, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of England’s Western Approaches, plus a wonderful panorama of islands.  Often you will be accompanied by evening songbirds singing good-bye to the day.


About 75% of our guests are repeat visitors.   Some come every year, others less frequently.   We have one guest who has been with us every year since 1986!   We invite holidaymakers to treat Beggar’s Roost as if they were at home (which they do).   As a result, it is very rare for the house to suffer abuse.


Beggar’s Roost is a family home.   Children and well behaved dogs are most welcome.   Most fall in love with the outdoor life that Scilly offers – boat trips to islands being a particular favourite.   We hope you decide to come – and then come again.   Our son and daughter did, and are still coming after half a century.

                                                    AUDREY  and  KEN PEAY.    

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